Friday, July 27, 2007

I've got an Insurance!

Last Wednesday, 25 July, Luca sent an e-mail informing about insurance. He also sent a copy of insurance card for me. I will receive the real card upon the arrival in Edinburgh. Here is what the insurance said:

Erasmus Mundus Insurance Scheme (Wow, sounds cool!)

in collaboration with: Marsh Belgium
Boulevard du Souverain 2 - 1170 Brussels
ACE European Group Limited
avenue des Nerviens 9-31 Box 7 0 1040 Brussels

This is an assistance card. Cover is given based on the inscription at the Erasmus Mundus Insurance Scheme of the European Commission.

Insured persons: the student, mentioned on the Insured's Declaration, not more than 70 years old at the time the contract takes effect, who is making his/her way abroad, in order to take part in the Erasmus Mundus Insurance Scheme of the European Commission.

General overview of the benefits in the limits of the conditions of policy n° 5.021.014:
Section 1: Accidental death 5.000,00 EUR
Section 2: Permanent invalidity due to accident 75.000,00 EUR
Section 3: Hospital stay in a semi-private room, or ward (accident/sickness) during max. 365 days real costs
Costs of treatment following an accident/sickness real costs
Section 4: Costs of urgent dental care 250.00 EUR
Section 5: Assistance to persons
Services - repatriation or medical transport real costs
- repatriation or transportation of the mortal remains 7.500,00 EUR
- early return in case of the death of a relative real costs
- the dispatching of medicines abroad real costs
- telecommunication costs 125,00 EUR
- travel assistance (loss/theft travel documents, interpreter, travel ticket) real costs
- legal assistance 5.000,00 EUR
- transportation and accommodation costs for family members 7.500,00 EUR
Section 6: Travel documents 150,00 EUR
Section 7: Civil liability in private life (hirer's liability inclusive)
- cover following to the laws in force in the host country (benefits determined by the A.R. of 12 January 1984)

After I read it second time, I am not quite sure if it is the travel insurance only (as stated in Insured person section). I am not sure if it is effective 3 months before my departure and 3 months upon my finish of the programme. I will call local ACE and check this later.

I found out more about this in EUROPA website.
  • is not a comprehensive travel insurance. If students wish to be covered for eventualities such as the loss or theft of money, personal belongings and items of value, or for the unexpected costs caused by travel delays, they are advised to take out additional cover with a private insurer....
  • "you are covered when you travel to the Master Course from your home country, when you attend conferences, research trips or cultural sessions abroad ... also covered during short trips back to your home country."
  • "You are covered from the point at which you leave your normal place of residence to go abroad to begin your Course. This may be up to two months before the beginning of your Masters Course. The policy is valid while you are abroad for up to three months after the official end of the Masters Course, until you return home. The medical coverage will then continue for a maximum of 30 days on your return."
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